Our Coworking Space Amenities in Downtown Winston Salem

If you’re looking for a feature-rich coworking space right in downtown Winston Salem, you should definitely stop by for a tour.

Our newly renovated coworking space features ample seating and space to set up any of your portable electronics to stay productive. With super fast fiber internet and an open collaborative environment, you’ll have answers to the two biggest needs in small business: where to work/meet prospects, and how to build relationships with like-minded folks.

Winston Salem coworking space for collaboration and networking

Here are some of the other major amenities of the coworking space:

Free coffee, tea, wine, and beer. Yep, you read that correctly. Any patrons of the space can enjoy refreshments whenever desired, making it easy to stick around for the day rather than just pop buy for an hour. There’s also a kitchen area with a fridge and sink, so if you’re keen on bringing meals with you you’ll have a convenient way to store them until you’re ready.

Memberships also include a discounted WS Chamber membership, connection to the Downtown Winston Salem Partnership, and free passes for up to 8 people to visit the NC Zoo.

But perhaps one of the biggest advantages to a coworking environment is the ready access to the expertise of other professionals you’ll need to be successful. A CPA, designer, or even just a peer with advice on that contract employee you were thinking of hiring may be a few seats away.

Sometimes you’ll head to work with questions in mind to actively seek answers. But other times these things just come up in conversation — the kind where you walk away saying, “Wow, I never knew that!”

Coworking spaces also offer flexibility as your team grows. Most fees are month to month, so there aren’t the long term contracts of typical office space. This is a big one when you’re growing. You might have thought you’d need a big office for new team members and then end up going another direction where it becomes an unnecessary expense. Or you may grow faster than you anticipated.

Studies have also shown that doing work in coworking spaces can feel more meaningful, making it easier to stay motivated and keep pushing.

Coworking spaces also carry 24/7 availability. So if you need to stop by in evenings or weekends, you can work around whatever your schedule requires. Most traditional office spaces have set business hours and it’s either impossible or frowned upon to show up outside them.

If you’re a startup or one-person operation looking for a place to work and make connections, WS Breakthrough’s coworking space is the ideal place to begin.

Schedule a tour today!

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