High Speed Fiber Internet Access

What modern businesses need to stay ahead is fast access to the internet. But when you’re starting out, expenses like this add up.

Free access, easy connection.

All tenants have free access to fiber internet on-site, with ethernet drops in offices and wi-fi for easy connection wherever you are in the space.

No additional fees.

Fiber internet is included at all package levels for BreakThrough’s hybrid incubator space. There are no hidden fees for this super fast amenity.

Fiber Internet: The Speed To Get Ahead

Anyone that has tried to get work done from a coffee shop, especially during peak times, has probably dealt with the frustration of slow internet. Sometimes it even drops right out when you’re in the middle of tasks, which can be really disruptive.

How about a steady signal with the speed you need to publish, download, or video conference?

Aside the organic networking component of any coworking space, the biggest advantage to the mobile entrepreneur of stopping by is reliability. Lightning fast internet is there whenever you need it, with a network designed for the number of people accessing it.