Full Kitchen With Free Coffee and Tea 24/7

Whether you’re in the office early looking for that pick-me-up or working a late one, you can enjoy a selection of brews provided by BreakThrough.

Stay charged, any time of day.

This and other refreshing amenities are provided in the common kitchen area, available to all tenants. Treat yourself or your guests any day of the week, store your lunch, or simply enjoy a quiet place to sit and enjoy a meal.

Quiet where you need it, social where you want it.

The kitchen area will feature numerous tables in the common area, as well as ample cabinet space for essentials the BreakThrough tenants use regularly.

Free coffee and tea Staving Off A Case Of The Mondays Weekly

Isn’t it great to know that every morning when you get in there’s a caffeinated beverage waiting for you? Hold meetings throughout the day or chase away that mid-afternoon lull with ready access to coffee and tea in the kitchen area.

Did we mention members get free beer and wine, too?

These are part of a long list of amenities designed to make business simple for startups in our space. Breathe easy and do what you do best every day.