Free Parking For Coworking Tenants

The convenience of working in downtown without the usual frustrating of parking in downtown. When you use the coworking space at BreakThrough, parking is one of many concerns you can leave behind.

Easy street access parking.

No complicated parking garages or monthly fees for parking. BreakThrough tenants can enjoy simple pull-in parking available any time of day.

Covered parking area

A portion of BreakThrough’s parking area is covered like you’d see in a garage, but accessible from the main parking lot. Obviously spots in this section are first come first serve, but are great for inclement weather.

Street Access Parking Means Simplicity and Security

Working downtown usually means hunting for available pay-parking — or having private parking that’s inconveniently located. WS BreakThrough’s simple street access is easy to find and isn’t in an area full of heavy traffic.

Part of the parking area is covered, and is located right next to a direct entrance to the building with elevators just inside. No parking and walking a block or more to get inside.

All members will be given a passcode to securely come and go from this entrance as needed.