Free Office Hours With An Attorney and a CPA

Get answers to legal, tax, and accounting questions as you develop your systems and reach new clients. Startups can be complicated, but protecting your business doesn’t have to be.

On-Site Attorney

Ever been working on something and had a legal question spring to mind? At WS BreakThrough you’ll have a resource on hand each week to help you craft documents and plan your business more safely.

10am – noon every other Thursday. Provided by Forest Law Firm.

Keep Paperwork Straight With Our CPA

From accounting questions to tax matters, it pays to have a good CPA guiding your business’ finances. Eliminate unnecessary expenses and make sure everything is filed properly by asking the expert right on-site.

Evolve Your Startup With Access To Answers

There are a lot of firsts with any startup.

Your first service contracts, first office space, your first employee/payroll, etc. With each of these firsts, there’s a lot of preparation, paperwork, and priorities. Missing details in these phases can lead to extra costs and complications.

Most people resign themselves to simply doing the best they can because startup budgets are tight.

But having a resident CPA and attorney at WS BreakThrough means that twice a week you can get some free advice. Don’t go without the information you need to reach next-level performance.