Catered Lunches in Your Coworking Space

Sometimes going out for lunch is great. But when you’re deep in a project or have a tight deadline coming up it can be tough to get away.

Easy meals. Affordable rates.

What could be better than a freshly prepared, catered meal delivered right to where you work? How about a price tag of only $6 per meal? With our coworking catering package, all tenants can enjoy lunchtime simplicity each week.

Coworking Made Even Easier.

The biggest difference in a coworking space from your typical office environment is the cooperative nature. Breaking bread with others is a great way to get to know each other, and the catered lunches served in a common area help facilitate organic networking.

Catered Lunches Are A Part of The Coworking Experience.

Catered lunches fit right in with our cost-saving and time-saving model for businesses. This, paired with other key amenities like access to attorneys and CPAs, as well as high-speed fiber internet creates the ideal environment for burgeoning enterprises.

Coworking spaces allow for a sort of organic networking you can’t find anywhere else.

Even if folks don’t go to many other networking functions, being familiar with the others that frequent their coworking space gives them a great foundation of referral partners, as well as a support network.

This is crucial for young businesses.