The WS BreakThrough Difference – Winston Salem’s New Coworking Space

The creator of WS Breakthrough is Matthew McKeown, having brought his education, business acumen, and heart for building up the local entrepreneur into this Business Incubator.

Why here and why now?  Winston-Salem is the city of Arts and Innovation: home to prestigious schools and medical research facilities.  It is also home to regular folks with big dreams.

McKeown founded WS BreakThrough, in part, to eliminate the middle man.  You should own your business, and thereby call the shots.

(Normally, business incubators ask for ownership in your company to provide help.)

As we discussed in our last post, there are four major types of Business Incubators.  Each serves specific needs.

What if a startup could get the basic amenities of a Business Incubator while just paying rent? What if the coworking space was communal, encouraging organic networking?  The hybrid incubator has arrived.

A space for the community, by the community.  BreakThrough is here to give your business the resources and connections it needs to thrive.

Let’s list the attributes of this 21st century Hybrid Business Incubator:

  • Hosting in a work space
  • Rented office space (monthly and quarterly)
  • Shared services (including a fitness room)
  • Administrative services
  • Business classes
  • Networking
  • Coaching
  • Mentorship
  • Training
  • Concept and market testing
  • Access to a CPA
  • Access to an attorney
  • Access to Angel Funding, VC
  • Site always open

Our vision is that our tenants grow out of the space in time, having put the systems in place and acquired the necessary business to stay profitable and acquire talent.

We consider this incubator to be a community service.

Coworking Spaces Are Just More Productive

Research shows that individuals doing business from a coworking space are 74% more likely to grow.

The way in which we work is evolving.  9-5’s in one location are giving way to digital nomadism.  Sure, you can work from home or Starbucks, but you might do more business around colleagues going through the same process as you.

You never know where the next handshake will lead.  An incubator is highly advocated for getting yourself out there.

One of the biggest benefits of being in a Business Incubator is the ability to tap into a strong network of business partners.  Think about it: you’re much easier to find, be approached, or referred to if you are all in an accessible location.

Collaborations are one of the best ways to get one’s foot in the proverbial door, build rapport, and grow some more.  It’s not what you know.  It’s who you know.

Comradery makes things real and survivable.  Having work colleagues in an incubator are part of the support in and around the organization, is key.  This is a community.

Overcoming obstacles: Going it alone can present setbacks, which a coworking space can assist you in overcoming.  In addition to getting lost in the crowd, lack of financial backing can put a business in its death rolls. Your business would greatly benefit from the access to financial resources, Angel Funds, and VC’s (venture capitalists).

Your new professional network family can do your PR for you.  Who better to promote than folks who know you and your work?

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