Perks of Using A Virtual Mailbox Address

A lot of startups and solopreneurs work from home. With the technology available to us these days often this makes no difference, but it’s understandable not to want to use your home address as your public business address.

This is particularly relevant with Google and Bing maps. In order to rank for local search results you need a verified maps listing, but that involves giving the search engines some sort of verifiable mailing address.

You probably don’t want customers stopping by your home, but if pricey office space isn’t in the budget, what are your options?

A Virtual Address Is Simple and Afforable

This is the biggest advantage of using a virtual mailbox like what we offer at WS BreakThrough. Even if you don’t plan to use our coworking space on a regular basis, you can have mail delivered here and list our space as your public business address.

Better yet, for $50 more you’ll get enough access to the coworking space for several sessions each month. This way you can stop by occasionally as needed, and can even meet prospects at your new business address. This is a great hybrid package for those looking for a professional address and a place to use a few times per month to handle business.

But why this virtual address?

While it’s true that having a verified maps listing is important for local search rankings, did you know that where you are in a given city affects this as well?

Being on the outskirts of Winston-Salem, for instance, is less advantageous than a downtown address. This is both because the concentration of maps searchers tends to be higher near downtown, but also because its seen as more of the city hub.

You can probably see where we’re going now.

WS BreakThrough is a downtown area address, so if you live a bit further out you can also leverage the area for slightly better search presence.

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