Get Collaborative Office Space in Winston Salem

Success with networking and staying productive for Winston Salem businesses often starts with collaborative office space.

This style of working space is particularly advantageous for small businesses because it addresses the two biggest challenges they have:

  1. Networking and meeting other business people to share leads and build trust.
  2. Finding somewhere to work with all the resources to be productive, such as power and high speed internet.

This is a big part of why coffee shops are so busy at lunch time, but finding somewhere with power outlets can be challenging and the internet in those places isn’t designed for that many users. The result? A time limit equal to your battery life and slow, sometimes intermittent web connectivity.

It’s tough to build a business like that.

Collaborative Office Space Means Reliability For Winston Salem Business

For a simple and affordable monthly fee, businesses have a reliable place to set up a computer and other materials and stay connected. Our coworking space is equipped with super fast fiber internet with plenty of bandwidth for large numbers of users.

You can stop by to check emails and send crucial documents and be on your way, or set up for the day and enjoy our free coffee, tea, beer, and wine.

Other folks in the hybrid incubator space will have office space and cubicles, so you’ll find a steady group you can collaborate with.

As your business grows, you can transition into private office space and make use of our meetings rooms and presentation space.

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