Discounted Membership to the Winston Salem Chamber of Commerce

Get a WS Chamber membership for $25/month, no contract. Expand your reach in Winston-Salem both through networking and on the Chamber website.

Be a part of a growing economy.

The Winston Salem Chamber’s goal is to give businesses the connections and highlights they need to stay profitable, expand their operations, and make an impact in the local community.

Access to local events.

Members benefit meetings, research sessions, and seminars chock full of tips for running a more efficient business. These features and more are available to Chamber members in Winston Salem.

A Starting Point For Good Business

The Winston Salem Chamber represents over 1600 local businesses, ranging in size from single person startups to large companies. The experienced staff is composed of employees and volunteers. This team allows for the following benefits:

  • Connections with community leaders
  • Educational programs for youth in business
  • Information on new, local technology in development
  • Community events to bring people together
  • Business development seminars
  • Contacts for investment opportunities

Joining the Winston Salem Chamber is a natural complement to a hybrid incubator space (and coworking spirit). It takes the support network and mentorship aspects of WS BreakThrough and expands upon them to give startups wider reach and more of the necessary skills to succeed.