On-Site Fitness Center and Personal Trainer

It can be tough to make it to a gym with a busy lifestyle, and then you end up feeling guilty about those membership fees you’re paying for. Not anymore.

Fitness on your schedule.

Our coworking office space includes a fitness center members can access 24/7. No matter what your schedule looks like this week, the equipment is ready and waiting.

Fitness Coaching 2x Per Week

Twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays) you’ll have access to a fitness coach in the facility. You can develop goals and stay on track to reach them right from your office space.

Exercise Benefits Your Work, Too.

People’s experiences have consistently shown that exercising at some point throughout the day, particularly at lunchtime, has powerful effects on energy levels. Scheduling a workout for just before you typically experience an energy slump can negate it entirely, allowing you to return to work energized and full of ideas.

Exercise, in addition to getting the blood pumping and waking you up, also releases endorphins. These chemicals help relieve pain and stress, and tend to create a feeling of wellbeing.

This is also related to what people call “runner’s high”. It’s a simple solution to a rough morning, and can make for a much more productive afternoon.